Enjoying July

My life consists of lists, from simple to complicated. I have an entire notebook of them. I have list-making apps on my phone. I get no greater pleasure than sitting down and handwriting a list of goals and tasks.  Sometimes, things get done. Sometimes, I move them to another list.

Most times, I find if I just put them out there, I accomplish far more than if I just let them rattle around in my mind. And I figured since I did fairly well on my yearly resolution thing, maybe I could get a few more things in by having some monthly goals. Short, sweet and to the point, these are all about living and enjoying my life, instead of just getting things done.

  1. Wear dresses.
    I have never been a dress person. I never found ones that flatter me or that were cut properly. But I just recently found some ones that I love and am discovering the absolute joy of just throwing on a summer dress and flip flops.  And it is just so much cooler in the heat and humidity that is rampant here in the South.
  2. Read three books & see three movies.
    My entertainment has been very limited lately to the Xbox and regular TV programming. But I love a good book and there’s no better place to spend a hot summer afternoon than in an air conditioned movie theater with one of the big summer blockbusters. It’s time I tackle the pile of books I’ve been eager to read and to spend a couple of weekend days sharing some popcorn with my husband and enjoying one of the things we loved to do back when we were first dating.
  3. Pool & beach days.
    It’s hot. I live in the South, fifteen minutes from the beach. If I don’t get near the water at least once this summer, I am going to melt and kick myself for not taking advantage of this beautiful city I live in.
  4. Farmer’s Market Visit.
    One of the greatest pleasures in my healthy living revamp has been discovering how delicious and awesomely easy fresh vegetables are. I’ve been sorely lacking in the purchase of them these past few weeks and it’s high time I take advantage of the summer season and get down to a local farmer’s market to see what kinds of goodies I can add to our summer dinners. Especially if we can put our new grill to good use and cook them on that.
  5. Get back on regular exercise schedule.
    This isn’t necessarily about doing something I enjoy but it’s about enjoying life. Because I hate the fact that I have to convince myself to exercise but I love how I feel when I actually do it and the long term effects it gives me. I’ve been slacking lately because the heat keeps me inside and I felt like being lazy, but July is the month where I’m going to get back on track and be more hardcore about sticking to it.

How about you? Have any goals for July or the rest of the summer you want to try? I’m interested to see if this short list format plays out well for me. It might just be something I keep.

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    […] As I said yesterday, I’m not the hugest fan of dresses but I happened upon the cute one for sale at Target last week and figured I’d at least give it the good old try on. I didn’t have high hopes for it because I’ve never really found a dress that fits me right, especially with the weight I’ve gained. And empire waits and I have never been best friends because they always make me look pregnant. […]

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