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Thought Catalog

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted an article on her Facebook that sounded interesting so I clicked on over and found this site:

Thought Catalog

It was this article and I remember loving was but I remember loving it.

Love someone like you’re thirty. Not like you’re running out of time, not like your options are drying up. Love him because despite failure and disappointment and fear, you can’t help yourself. Love him in spite of your past; believe in your potential when your better judgment tells you not to.

And I spent the next hour browsing through all of the articles on the site, bookmarking some great ones. Since then, I’ve subscrived to their feed and love reading most of their content. Granted some of the articles can be a bit superflous and I can tell their written by younger people in a different time of their lives. Some are even a bit angsty.

But some are great. I have a boatload of starred articles sitting in Google Reader and I figured that instead of inundating people on Facebook or clogging up my Stumbleupon timeline, I’d do a listing here of the ones I’ve loved so far.

If you have some time, go on over and check them out. It is a great site to add to your feed readers if you’re looking for something different than personal blogs, gossip sites or Damn You Auto Correct!

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Baxter Sammy Jackabee Terrier Puppies

ABC, Easy as 123

Taking another cue from Jenn because apparently, my brain just doesn’t want to give me ideas to blog.

A. Age: 30. (DO.NOT.WANT!)

B. Bed size: King. It was our present to ourselves when we bought the house, since before that we were in a full size Ikea bed leftover from when I lived by myself.

C. Chore that you hate: Folding laundry. I have no problem with washing it. But actually folding and put away – yea, my second couch is CONSTANTLY covered in piles of clean clothes.

D. Dogs: Two, Sammy and Baxter. They’re pretty much our children.

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Redesigned Google Reader
Digital Life

I Miss the Old Google Reader

Last week, Google Reader made some changes that most of it’s users were none too happy about it. While they at least had the decency to warn us ahead of time, I’d have to say all it really seemed to accomplish is giving the users a chance to seethe about it and build the hatred as doomsday approached. I am one of those users and I am dead center in the middle of the ‘I HATE THE NEW GOOGLE READER’ camp!

It’s not just about the change. I can handle the change. I like change and accept it, when it’s done well and to benefit the user. I understand Google’s stance of wanting to integrate their services and this is fine – I would rather it be easier for them to maintain and support fewer sites because then it makes them seamless and integrated and easier to use for me. I understand not wanting to maintain yet another service and I even kind of understand pushing Google+, a site that doesn’t seem like it’s reached the level of acceptance that Google envisioned for it, which, let’s be honest guys, you really should’ve stuck with what you do best and leave the social media takeover to Zuckerberg and his cronies.

What I don’t understand if their approach to this. It was basically a big ol’ SCREW YOU to the Google Reader users and I feel kind of abandoned, like I’m left out on a raft in the middle of the Internet sea.

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IT Issues

Ten for Tuesday

This is actually an older Ten for Tuesday that I saw awhile back on Echo’s site and had put aside in my blog ideas notebook for later use.

I have been kind of thoughtful lately about jobs and work and how other people’s days function. Sometimes I think it’s because I get so content at my job that when I talk to others or visit other offices, it all seems much cooler or nicer or better – as in, if you have a different color of Post-It’s or nicer office furniture or newer computers, I’m probably envious of you, how cool it would be work to there instead of where I’m at. Not to say I don’t love my job but I guess it’s more of a switch up of a routine.

Though I am and will always be envious of you if you get to actually wear jeans to work because I have been trying to find a gig like that for years and thought I had it with a hospital job (hello, scrubs & sneakers!) but since I am not clinical, I am stuck in a “business semi-professional” that I try my damnedest to skirt the line closer towards “business casual” than I probably should.

Without further ado, here’s the Ten for Tuesday about work:

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