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There are times when I go through dry spells and don’t buy anything for myself. Then there are times I walk into Target and come out with an entire buggy’s worth of crap. I enjoy shopping and I enjoy trying new things. Most of the time, I end up trying things that either have really good reviews or have come highly recommended by other bloggers. And since I find a lot of awesome things through the blogging networks, I figure that it’s only fair I share some things that I love from time to time.

Needless to say, I’ve found some pretty amazing things in the past month or so that I have absolutely fallen in love with.

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February Birchbox
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Birchbox – First Quarter

Back in October, after seeing posts about it all over blogs and the Internets, I decided to go ahead and join Birchbox. There were quite a few reasons to justify it but mostly it was that I like beauty things and for $10 bucks a month, it seemed a worthy little pick me up to have some samples of higher end beauty products that I would probably never buy show up at my door.

It’s been three months and that pretty little box has appeared in my mailbox like clockwork. To date, I’m satisfied with the program. With my initial box I was a bit skeptical but I went in and tweaked my profile a bit and have been nothing but happy with the last two boxes.

I haven’t found anything worth purchasing as a full size yet but I have found things that I love and use regularly. I’m just still not okay with spending $125 on moisturizer. My philosophy is that I’ll enjoy it for a month and then something else will come in my next box that I can enjoy just as much.

In the spirit of a good review, I figured I’d post up the contents of each box for the past three months and offer my opinions about them.

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Zoya Nail Polish
Things I Buy

Polish Galore!

When I lived with my parents, my mom didn’t like me to paint my nails inside because the smell bothered her allergies. (I also wasn’t allowed to put perfume on inside)  Thus, I never painted my nails – partly out of laziness and partly because when I would get the urge to do it, the weather wouldn’t cooperate.

However, now that I’m living on my own and make my own rules, I paint my nails anytime I want.  And lately, that has been a lot.  It’s like I’m making up for lost time. With the exception of the past week or so, I always have some polish on and I’m usually changing it once a week.  It’s gotten to the point where the ladies at work anticipate what color I’m wearing on Mondays and will even notice if I don’t have any on.

It’s become a slight addiction.

And addictions are expensive.

Within a short time, probably since January, my nail polish collection has grown from a measly one or two colors that I liked to having so many bottles that I’m contemplating building a shelf to display them on (mostly because it would make it so much easier to get to them).

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Things I Love Right Now

(Note: you might have seen a very very rough draft of this pop up in my RSS feed the other day. Apologies for that – I accidentally hit publish when I meant to just update my draft. Here is the real post.)

It has been hot, hot, HOT here in Charleston the past few days. I’m talking the kind of oppressive heat and humidity where you can’t catch your breath, the air feels like you’re walking through think pea soup and the only sound you want to hear is the constant running of the A/C and whirring of the fan blades. Needless to say, when it’s this hot out, there’s not a lot of things that make me happy. Except these:

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Summer Loving in Charleston
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Summer Lovin’

Summer is quickly approaching and here in South Carolina, the humidity has descended upon us.  But with this comes the summer fun – beach days, BBQs, movies, drinks outside and long chats into the night.  Flip-flops, sunscreen, yard work – it’s all part of the loveliness that is wrapped into the long summer days and cool summer nights punctuated by the sounds of crickets and the brief flickers of lightning bugs.

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