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For the most part, the weekend has been a leisurely one. Spent another Friday at home drinking wine and reading Gone Girl. The plan was actually to play Skyrim but I got so engrossed in the book that I picked up it back immediately when I woke on Saturday morning and read until I finished it at noon. Then I spent the afternoon lazily preparing for friends to come over to celebrate the “unbirthday” of one of our close friends. By lazily, I mean that I would pick things up slowly, vacuum then sit on the couch for a bit. Just had a hard time getting going. Then we brought the evening in with dinner and dessert (brownie sundaes! mixed berry tarts!) and an all around jovial time where us women folk sat in the kitchen and chatted (lovingly referred to by our husbands as “hating!”) and the men sat cross legged in front of the XBox like little kids.

And today was nothing short of a lazy suburban Sunday. Cuddled with my husband and the puppies when I woke up then we decided to hit up Sam’s to replinish some of the bulk items we’d run out of. Go in with a short list and come out with more than double what I had written down, but in our defense, all things that we will put to good use or will make our lives easier. Also, delicious fresh cut fruit and lunch meats and fresh rolls for quick and easy meals throughout the week. Spent the rest of the afternoon surfing the Internet and cuddling with the dogs while Steve worked on his car. Now we’re just biding our time waiting for Breaking Bad to come on – he’s playing Battlefield and I’m going to settle in and blow through my current literary entree, Insurgent.

Either that, or I’m going to convince him to play catch up on the True Blood episodes that we’re behind on. (Mostly because we have yet to reach an episode this season where Alcide is shirtless and I know it’s happened so I NEED TO SEE THAT!)

But in the interest of talking about random life stuff, I leave you with this because it’s all my brain has tonight.

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Making the Bed with Help from Puppy

How Was Your Weekend?

I had the kind of weekend that I’ve been craving. One where I played a hermit and said no to invitations and didn’t leave my house at all. Sometimes I love going out and spending time with our awesome friends and family and other times, I don’t want to see anyone or leave the house for two days straight. And that’s pretty much what happened. I actually think the only time I went outside was on Sunday to get the mail. And I am perfectly okay with that.

That’s not to say I didn’t get anything done. Because I did accomplish things.

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Christmas Tree

Showing Our Christmas!

With tomorrow being Christmas Eve, I guess it’s probably time I show you what Christmas looks like in my house. There’s a bit of old mixed in with some new. We’re slowly building traditions of our own Christmas decorations. I am so, so pleased with how our decorations turned out this year. They make me smile every time I walk past them. So please join me in a tour of Christmas at Casa de Four23.

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Autumn Fireplace Decorations

All Decked Out

I’m usually pretty consistent (*cough* lazy *cough*) when it comes to decorating the house. Things get added gradually and I usually don’t change things around often. Even seasonal decorations are rare. I mean, Christmas is obvious but it’s usually the same setup every year. Halloween gets a few things tossed around but I don’t go big unless we’re having a party and we’ve only had one of those because it was a pain in the ass to plan and prepare for (I guess I probably could have not overdone it as much as I did!).

Regardless, things usually kind of stay the same around here. Except this year, I really wanted to get into the Autumn spirit because I was so excited about the season change. I was over the hot weather and the godawful humidity and I just woke up one weekend wanting to do everything Autumn and ended up going to the store and buying all sorts of decorations and then coming home and putting them up and making an apple crisp and then I was done.

But I am so in love with what I did and love that fact that they can last me through Thanksgiving. They make me smile every time I walk in my house. And I’ve also been lighting Autumn themed candles and put Leaves and Spiced Cider in my Wallflowers so the whole house always smells spicy and cinnamony and cozy.

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Fourth of July Banner

See that cute and festive little thing up there? I made that!  And while it was super easy to do, I am still proud of myself because I have been amazingly crafty and productive lately and little things like that make me realize that I can be crafty without it taking up a lot of time.  (This was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest – I guess it’s easy to make things once the actual inspiration is there).

This is a really easy project that you can whip together in a few hours.

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