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Just Keep Livin’

There is a lot of chatter at work this morning and it’s a tad bit overwhelming, especially when it’s coming from multiple areas. It’s not uncommon because people come back from the weekend and spend the morning catching up. I could, in theory, shut my office door but I find that a tad rude and unaccommodating so I just popped my headphones in and turned Pandora up loud enough to shut it out.

I think I’m just in complete sensory overload after the crazy weekend we had. It was pretty much the exact opposite of last weekend. Instead of cocooning myself inside for two whole days, we had parties both Saturday and Sunday nights and at least one of those parties included my husband shotgunning beers, which I haven’t seen him do since our college days. As you can imagine, they were quite boisterous and rowdy times but completely worth it!

I also got to make my first Farmer’s Market visit on Saturday morning, which I enjoyed immensely. The abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables made my inner healthy girl jump for joy and I walked away with tomatoes, mini red potatoes, a pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and cherries. The strawberries, peaches and blueberries were used to make fruit salsa for the party we attended last night. (Note: I used the above mentioned fruits plus bananas and apples. I also omitted the extra sugars and used apricot preservers. And I bought cinnamon sugar pita chips instead of making my own, which I’ve done before and is worth it but super messy and time consuming!) The pineapple will be sliced tonight and used as a snack through the week, as will the cherries. I haven’t yet figured out what I’m going to do with the potatoes but I’m sure it won’t be that difficult since they’re delicious in any form. And the tomatoes will be used for various purposes since I’m so in love with them lately that they go into anything I can justify putting them in. I used them to make a delicious caprese salad on Saturday, with fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was so yummy!

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When Thank You Isn’t Enough

I don’t know if you remember, but I kind of got married a few months ago. And everything about that day was perfect. I couldn’t have picked a better, more appropriate way for us to tie the knot. Married life has been awesome because frankly, it’s not much different from our non-married life. It’s just now we get to call each other “Wifey” and “Hubby” and wear extra, sparkly (in my case) jewelry.

Because we didn’t have a real wedding or a chance to celebrate with all of our friends and family (and because my mom likes any good excuse to have a party), my parents actually offered to throw us one. We agreed but had some boundaries – we didn’t want it to be a wedding or reception. We weren’t going to do dances or garter tosses or bouquets or anything like that. I wasn’t going to wear a dress. We just wanted something simple and low key and us.

Well, thank god I kind of left the rest up to my mom because what she came up with was nothing short of amazing! I was apprehensive that it was going to be a bit over the top. I mean, we were talking backyard BBQ and stuff. But what my parents threw together in the course of two months turned out to be an awesome night of food, friends, family and fun. We had an absolutely beautiful location, an ideal Charleston setting with the water and the sunset and the palm trees. We had excellent food and a well-stocked bar and a DJ who kept everyone on the floor dancing, despite not having a cool breeze and it being hot as Hades, as is common here in the Summer.

Ultimately, we all had a blast!

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Summer Flowers Black Eyed Susan

Life’s Like This

The problem with hobbies is that there’s just not enough time to do them all and still manage to accomplish things that need to be done, like keeping on top of the housework and feeding my family and all of that gloriously awful crap that comes with being an adult.

I was going full steam ahead with this blog until about January which coincidentally ended up being when I decided to start working out and getting healthy. And it’s not like the working out cut into my blogging time, since I never had a set time. I guess it was more that the fitness became a bigger focus in my life than sitting down to write. Which is a shame because I love writing and I fucking hate (HATE!) working out.

I think it’s just that I am inherently lazy or, well, to be nicer about it – easily distracted? I start and go full steam ahead into things then get bored with them and move onto something else. I’ve done that with everything. It’s a big ball of “DO ALL THE THINGS!” and “Nope, I’m bored with that” rolling around in my head all of the time.

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Shrimp Boats on Shem Creek

Soaking Up Saturday

I really had a lovely day today! I woke up expecting to do our usual Saturday humdrum (clean the house, surf the Internet, play video games) but Steve asked if I wanted to go fishing and I figured why the hell not? It had been quite some time since we spent quality time together and I could go for a little soaking in the sun.

We were able to make it out the door around 8:30am, which gave us time to stop at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and CVS for sunblock before we headed over to one of our original fishing piers that we hadn’t been to in awhile. We were overjoyed to see it was empty because it meant we could get all the way to the end and not having people knocking into the rods or being all loud and scaring the fish away.

So we set up shop and get settled around nine am. It’s much less humid than I thought it was going to be but it was probably around 85 degrees or so. This is a good day for South Carolina summers. Plus, there was a wonderful breeze right near the water so it was nice enough to be in the sun without feeling like you were going to die from heatstroke.

I do need to point out that when I say “we” went fishing, what I meant is Steve fishes while I hang around and watch or read a book or something to that sort. I don’t mind fishing but I won’t touch live bait (which is usually fine because we use dead shrimp or squid – fresh but dead) and I’m not too keen on unhooking fish (Steve throws them back – it’s more for sport than anything). I have the attention span of a gnat and the patience of a small child so actually having to wait around for the fish to bite just isn’t my cup of tea. Plus, you need a fishing license and I don’t have one so I had to be content with enjoying the weather and the company and reading. And I couldn’t have asked for a better day to do it all.

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Marriage Day - Yay for Elopement!

Going to the Chapel …

You know what the problem is with having too many hobbies?

There’s not enough time in the day to accomplish them all.

This has been my life for the past few months and can explain why I’ve ducked out of here a bit. Actually, most of the fault can be blamed on the routine I’ve put myself into since I started my whole fitness and healthier living regime back in January. There is a strict set of time I follow that means I get home from work, work out for about an hour, shower and do my nightly routine, make and eat dinner and by that point my brain is so dead that all it wants to do is sit on the couch and read stupid things on the Internet or go to sleep. At times like those, the idea of composing a blog post happens to fly right out the window.

However, I had to pop in to document one of the biggest moments that have happened to me in awhile before I forgot all of the details and then look back years from now and become sad because I didn’t even bother to write it down. See, there are unwritten rules in the blogging world, at least the world I come from (read: old school before most of y’all knew what blogging was).  And the number one rule is that ‘Thou shalt not skip over blogging about some of the biggest events of thou’s life because then thou will want to look back and remember and will have nothing’.

And Facebook doesn’t count because have you seen the new Timeline? I can’t find shit on there that happened a week ago!

Anywho, this happened …

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