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House of Horror

In this house, we do horror.

Horror is one of Steve’s favorite movie genres. It’s not my preferred one but I certainly don’t mind it. The slasher flicks are my favorite – I can sit down and watch a good old-fashioned knife-stabbing, blood shedding film any time of the year. The ones I have more of a problem with are the paranormal fantasy types because those scare the ever living shit out of me. (I’m looking at you Paranormal Activities). We are big fans of the classics and Steve, much to my chagrin sometimes, loves the B-movies – things like El Chupacabra takes Manhatten while Being Afraid of the Dark [1. Not a real movie, but you get my drift! :-)]

We do Halloween. When we lived in Pennsylvania we spent the entire month of October visiting any haunt that was within in a two hour radius [1. Shocktoberfest, Arasapha Farms, Jason’s Woods and Field of Screams were some of our favorites – in that order!]. We watched all of the scary movies AMC would play constantly. We spent weeks prepping our costumes, tons of money in the Halloween Adventure stores and went to as many events as we were invited to. This past year we dressed up for a party and to help my parents in their neighborhood haunted house.  Steve was Jason Vorhees and chased kids with a chainsaw – loved every minute of it!

If you look back at that post, you’ll see Steve in his hockey mask. That mask was actually one he borrowed from my parents. It’s simple white plastic one that I’m sure they purchased from a costume store. We have one just like it somewhere. But for the longest time, Steve has been jonesing for a real one – one that looks all worn and authentic like in the movies but is light enough to wear. He thought he had been successful when he picked one up from Toys-R-Us, but that one ended up being a bit campy and really heavy.

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Fourth of July Banner

See that cute and festive little thing up there? I made that!  And while it was super easy to do, I am still proud of myself because I have been amazingly crafty and productive lately and little things like that make me realize that I can be crafty without it taking up a lot of time.  (This was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest – I guess it’s easy to make things once the actual inspiration is there).

This is a really easy project that you can whip together in a few hours.

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Housewarming Gift Idea

On Sunday, we had to attend a housewarming party for two guy friends who had bought a house together as roommates.  I racked my brain about gift ideas for them – they don’t drink wine and I didn’t want to buy them a gift card (I hate giving gift cards – not only because they indicate a lack of personal interest but also because it just doesn’t sit right with me that a person knows exactly how much I spent on them).

Regardless, I wasn’t sure what to do so I took to the Internet and thanks to some lovely inspiration that I’m now not sure where I stumbled upon it, I came up with this gift basket.

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