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Sweet Nothings

I ask stupid questions sometimes – ok. A LOT. Mostly because I don’t think before I speak.

I do it so often i don’t even remember what I asked. Just this.

KRISTY: Nevermind, it was stupid.
STEVE: (laughs & hugs me) That’s why I love you! The first thing that comes to your brain is something stupid.

(Note: this is all in good fun and he is absolutely teasing when he says. Good natured teasing is a big part of how we relate to each other. Don’t go thinking it’s time to call domestic abuse or anything. He gets it as good as he gives it!)


Sweet Nothings

Sweet things (even semi-sweet) that my boyfriend says to me.

Watching Syfy and ad comes on for a Real Word type show with witches, vampires and werewolves. Steve asks if I saw that and explains the premise.

KRISTY: Huh? Is it real life?
KRISTY: What?!
STEVE: Yes, Kristy, real life werewolves.
STEVE: Yes, you had a moment. Aw baby, that’s why I love you. I live for those moments because you’re like the smartest person I know and every once in awhile you prove that I might be smarter than you.

We're too funny!

A Conversation in My House

Tonight while eating dinner, notably Arby’s delicious loaded potato bites –

STEVE: I figured out what the potatoes bites are loaded with.
KRISTY: Deliciousness? (which came out more like Dwishusnwas since my mouth was stuffed full of the potatoey goodness.
STEVE: Awesomeness! (or Athsumnuwess because, well, see above)
KRISTY: (gasping & beaming with pride) AWESOMESAUCE!

Only time EVAR I’ll be able to use that term with any sort of relevance!

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