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August Poem


A power is on the earth and in the air,

From which the vital spirit shrinks afraid,

And shelters him in nooks of deepest shade,

From the hot steam and from the fiery glare.

Look forth upon the earth—her thousand plants

Are smitten; even the dark sun-loving maize

Faints in the field beneath the torrid blaze;

herd beside the shaded fountain pants;

For life is driven from all the landscape brown;

The bird hath sought his tree, the snake his den,

The trout floats dead in the hot stream, and men

Drop by the sunstroke in the populous town:

As if the Day of Fire had dawned, and sent

Its deadly breath into the firmament.

~ William Cullen Bryant

Summer Happiness

Summer – Here We Come!

Yesterday really inspired me to try and take advantage of this summer by getting out and about and doing things rather than just cocooning myself in the house. When I saw this post over at Kim’s page, I remembered I had done something similar last year and figured I’d go ahead and give it another shot. While I’d love to accomplish all of these things, I’m not steadfast in doing so. Rather, this just serves as a guide so that when we’re bored or looking for things to do, I can consult this here Bucket List and we can be off and running.

Also, a side note – I see people who still refer to the season as Spring and it just makes me laugh. I know we’re “technically” still in the Springtime but here in the South, the humidity starts setting in toward the end of April and makes me feel like we’re in the thick of Summer before May has even approached. It always hot, always sticky and the heat is so thick it takes your breath away. And yes, it’s nothing compared to what it’s going to feel like in the depth of July or August but it’s certainly not what my brain thinks of as “Spring!”

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Srummer Grass

June Poem

More Than Enough

The first lily of June opens its red mouth.
All over the sand road where we walk
multiflora rose climbs trees cascading
white or pink blossoms, simple, intense
the scene drifting like colored mist.
The arrowhead is spreading its creamy
clumps of flower and the blackberries
are blooming in the thickets. Season of
joy for the bee. The green will never
again be so green, so purely and lushly
new, grass lifting its wheaty seedheads
into the wind. Rich fresh wine
of June, we stagger into you smeared
with pollen, overcome as the turtle
laying her eggs in roadside sand.
Original source is long gone. Feel free to let me know if you find it.
Autumn Fireplace Decorations

All Decked Out

I’m usually pretty consistent (*cough* lazy *cough*) when it comes to decorating the house. Things get added gradually and I usually don’t change things around often. Even seasonal decorations are rare. I mean, Christmas is obvious but it’s usually the same setup every year. Halloween gets a few things tossed around but I don’t go big unless we’re having a party and we’ve only had one of those because it was a pain in the ass to plan and prepare for (I guess I probably could have not overdone it as much as I did!).

Regardless, things usually kind of stay the same around here. Except this year, I really wanted to get into the Autumn spirit because I was so excited about the season change. I was over the hot weather and the godawful humidity and I just woke up one weekend wanting to do everything Autumn and ended up going to the store and buying all sorts of decorations and then coming home and putting them up and making an apple crisp and then I was done.

But I am so in love with what I did and love that fact that they can last me through Thanksgiving. They make me smile every time I walk in my house. And I’ve also been lighting Autumn themed candles and put Leaves and Spiced Cider in my Wallflowers so the whole house always smells spicy and cinnamony and cozy.

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