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Summer Plans

June has just flown by for me and it seems like our summer never really got started since we went right from Memorial Day into handling all of this.  But seeing as how today is the first day of summer, I’d figured I’d share a little summer to-do list with you all since I have my heart set on just letting go and enjoying things this season.  It really kind of helps to make those long hot and humid days less drawn out and monotonous and give us something to look forward to.

Summer 2011

  • Drive In(there’s one 45 minutes from us that shows two new release movies for $6 a person and has a delicious and reasonable snack bar where you can get burgers and fries and funnel cakes!) (Did this Saturday night! — saw The Green Lantern and Hangover II and ate some yummy delicious snackbar food!)
  • Beach/Pool Days (we live so close but don’t make it there nearly enough)
  • Ice Cream (find a homemade shop – we found one in NC and LOVED IT! Want to find one locally)
  • Riverdogs Game (who doesn’t love baseball on a hot summer night?)
  • Cruise in the Mustang to Sonic
  • Sunday Ride (at Grandpa’s funeral my Uncle was talking about how him and Grandpa used to get in the car on Sunday’s and just drive, not having a destination and not caring if they got lost.  Steve and I used to do this too when we first moved here and realized we had stopped and didn’t know why.  In honor of him, I want to do more of this over the summer.)
  • Old Fashioned Pictures (we have a girls’ weekend coming up in Myrtle Beach and I figure you can’t leave without some of these)
  • Get something airbrushed (see previous – also an inside joke between an old friend and I)
  • Board Game Night with Friends
  • Dog Park Playdates
  • Carowinds and visit my cousin, who lives near there
  • Picnic downtown (sunset at The Battery is one of the prettiest places in Charleston)
  • Comedy Club(our local improv theatre always puts on good shows)
  • Irving House Vineyards with friends (what? Firefly vodka tasting for $6? Yes, please!)
  • Read outside under the oak trees and near the water
  • Charleston Tea Plantation
  • Fireworks (they’re legal in our state so most likely we’ll be setting them off in our cul-de-sac instead of fighting crowds of people)
  • Paint our bedroom (it’s going to get done! I’m tired of staring at the blue on the walls)
  • Camping (don’t care if it’s local or far away – I just enjoy camping during the summer)
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Wash Car
  • Gun Range (we haven’t been in forever and we’ve gotten some new toys since)
  • Sunset on the Beach
  • Downtown Walks (I want to visit the Market and buy some trinkets and walk the shops and take some pictures)
  • Visit Grandma again (under actual visiting circumstances this time and maybe help her with her house and visit the NC Zoo)

So what are your summer plans?  Got any good ones you’d like to share?

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