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For the most part, the weekend has been a leisurely one. Spent another Friday at home drinking wine and reading Gone Girl. The plan was actually to play Skyrim but I got so engrossed in the book that I picked up it back immediately when I woke on Saturday morning and read until I finished it at noon. Then I spent the afternoon lazily preparing for friends to come over to celebrate the “unbirthday” of one of our close friends. By lazily, I mean that I would pick things up slowly, vacuum then sit on the couch for a bit. Just had a hard time getting going. Then we brought the evening in with dinner and dessert (brownie sundaes! mixed berry tarts!) and an all around jovial time where us women folk sat in the kitchen and chatted (lovingly referred to by our husbands as “hating!”) and the men sat cross legged in front of the XBox like little kids.

And today was nothing short of a lazy suburban Sunday. Cuddled with my husband and the puppies when I woke up then we decided to hit up Sam’s to replinish some of the bulk items we’d run out of. Go in with a short list and come out with more than double what I had written down, but in our defense, all things that we will put to good use or will make our lives easier. Also, delicious fresh cut fruit and lunch meats and fresh rolls for quick and easy meals throughout the week. Spent the rest of the afternoon surfing the Internet and cuddling with the dogs while Steve worked on his car. Now we’re just biding our time waiting for Breaking Bad to come on – he’s playing Battlefield and I’m going to settle in and blow through my current literary entree, Insurgent.

Either that, or I’m going to convince him to play catch up on the True Blood episodes that we’re behind on. (Mostly because we have yet to reach an episode this season where Alcide is shirtless and I know it’s happened so I NEED TO SEE THAT!)

But in the interest of talking about random life stuff, I leave you with this because it’s all my brain has tonight.

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Currently …

Watching …

We’re a little late to this party but Steve and I have been absolutely hooked on Breaking Bad. All of our friends were fans and we had missed the first season so it was difficult for us to initially get into it, knowing the time we’d have to invest to catch up. And we were absolutely correct on the time it would but incorrect in assuming it wouldn’t be worth the investment. This show is absolutely amazing! We have made it through seasons one, two and are halfway through three in a little under two weeks. There are nights we will watch five or six episodes and at 47 minutes a piece on Netflix, that’s still a hefty time commitment. But we’ll be like, “One more episode” then it will end on a cliffhanger and we’re like, “We’ve got to know what’s going on!” I will say, it is really bleak and depressing to watch. Like, not in an awful way but in a way where I’m wondering how I’m finding such pleasure in a show that never seems to have a happy ending. Also, how am I enjoying  this when every minute, I want to punch Skylar in her big fat meddling nosy frowny face. I wish she would die but I’ve seen previews for season 5 and she’s still there so that makes me sad. So hopefully we’ll be able to catch up before the fifth season premieres in ten days. Though I’m not sure if I could handle not being able to immediately start the next episode after the kind of cliffhangers they have.

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True Blood Cast

State of the TV Address: Summer Edition

The emotions I feel in May regarding my daily entertainment are bittersweet. On one hand, I’m excited that my evenings are a bit less cluttered during the weeks, which leaves time for me to play catch up on movies or TV series I’ve missed or to, I don’t know, read a book or two. On the other hand, most of my shows usually leave feeling fairly satisfied or at a total cliffhanger, so I’m fairly anxious for the fall to come around. Especially when it comes to shows like Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead that are only on through the Fall season.

This bittersweet feeling lingers over the household at this moment. We’re in that lull where May sweeps are just finishing up and new Summer shows haven’t started yet. Does anybody remember when there used to be nothing at all on during the summer? Nowadays it’s so commonplace for awesome shows to start in the month of June that I almost forget a time when there was nothing to look forward to.

Summer TV is fun for me. It’s lighthearted and not as serious. It’s just something to close out those long leisurely days spent lounging by the pool or out at the beach. You’re supposed to think to much with Summer TV. Save all the drama for the Fall when you’re shut inside and have nothing better to do than dwell over what kind of trouble your favorite motorcycle gang or troupe of vampires is going drum up. Summer is for the anticipation of the Fall, getting excited for the first night you sit down to a new season and find out just what happened in that cliffhanger long ago in May.

Needless to say, since I just spent three paragraphs waxing poetic about the state of television, (and since you’ve already surmised from the title) it’s time for the State of the TV Address, Summer Edition wherein I recap my favorites of the 2011-2012 TV season, talk about what I had to give up, what I’m watching now and what I’m looking forward to. Most of these are oldies but goodies but there’s some new blood in the mix. I did this in September too so click back over if you’d like to see then versus now.

And just to be fair up front – note: there be spoilers below!

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November Cozy
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And It’s November

It’s November, y’all! Y’ALL! I cannot believe I just typed that. It’s November 2011 and that means there’s less than three weeks until Thanksgiving and something like seven weeks until Christmas and then it will be 2012 and WHAT THE HELL WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST?!

October did blow by pretty quickly in this house, more than usual. Seriously, ever since we turned thirty, both Steve and I constantly remark how fast the days, months, and years go by – it’s like the weight of time is bearing down upon us and before we know it we’re OLD.

But October was a crazy month here – I was sick for a week, then spent the next week doing all the prep for vacation that I should have been doing when I was sick, then vacation, then Steve was sick for a week and my dad has been having some heart issues which we still don’t know how they’re going to resolve. Then Halloween, of which we had a party to prepare for and also went over to my parents on Halloween-proper to help with their haunted house.

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Agenda Day in the Life

One Day

To further elaborate on what I was talking about yesterday – how fascinated I am with the other people’s jobs and other people’s offices, I figured it might be fun to do something like Annie did at turning pages and post a day in my life. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve seen this on the Internet and probably won’t be the last but it looked fun and interesting nonetheless.

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