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To further elaborate on what I was talking about yesterday – how fascinated I am with the other people’s jobs and other people’s offices, I figured it might be fun to do something like Annie did at turning pages and post a day in my life. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve seen this on the Internet and probably won’t be the last but it looked fun and interesting nonetheless.

6:00 – Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

6:10 – 6:50 – Alarm goes off in ten minute increments. I lay semi-awake booting up for the day and it’s usually either the dogs barking to be let back in, them wrestling in my bed directly on top of me or Steve turning on the bathroom light that get’s me up and moving. If none of those, it’s when he kisses me goodbye.

6:50 – Briefly check email, Facebook, Twitter & the weather. Respond to anything important.
6:55 – Out of bed. Put in contacts.
7:00 – Feed dogs. Pour BIG glass of Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper (whatever is in the house – this is my coffee!). Settle into bed (I really need a vanity). Turn on TV – find something to watch mindlessly – usually Tabitha’s Salon Takeover or a Duggar program.
7:00 – 7:30 – Makeup on, brush hair – longer than neccessary because I am easily distracted.
7:35 – Get dressed. Brush teeth. Deodorant & perfume. Jewelry.
7:40 – Shut down the bedroom, close all doors to areas the dogs shouldn’t be in. TURN THE FAN OFF (just for Steve, who goes insane when I forget).
7:45 – Pick up any toys or clutter real quick.  Shoes on. Purse & keys gathered. All doors locked.
7:50 – Out the door.
8:00 – Arrive at work.  Lock purse up. Sign in & quickly look over Inbox, respnding to immediate inquiries. Review documents imports for the day.
8:20 – Morning Meeting to review Doctor’s & treatment machine schedules for the day & address any departmental issues.
8:50 – Walk to cafeteria for breakfast, usually consisiting of a hard boiled egg & yogurt with fresh fruit.
9:00 – Eat breakfast. Check email again, responding to longer ones.  Check personal email. Quick check in CNN or MSNBC and with our local newspaper.
9:30 – 1:00 – Tackle real work.  Usually involves data integrity checking, writing reports, fixing technical issues & providing support within department, improving department processes.
1:00 – Back to the cafeteria for lunch, usually involving a soup/salad or some version of light entree and veggie (I LOVE having a cafeteria on site and being able to eat hot and freshly prepared meals)
1:10 – 1:40 – Eat lunch in conference room. Chat with coworkers. Watch TV. Read the paper. Catch up on Google Reader or Facebook (both of which are blocked at work)
1:40 – 4:30 – More of the same with work. Reports, projects, process improvement.
4:30 – Export charges for the day. Head home, happy to have another day down.
4:40 – Home! Check the mail. Let the puppies outside. Change into comfortable clothes.
4:50 – 5:40 – Catch up on the rest of Google Reader while I wait for Steve to get home.
5:40 – 6:00 – Steve is home. I follow him around the house chattering about the day while he takes his shoes off and gets a shower. We decide on dinner & try to convince the other it’s their turn to cook.
6:00 – Commence dinner cooking & couch sitting, depending on who’s cooking. (Actually, if he’s cooking, I’m usually fluttering around picking up the house)
7:00 – Eat dinner while watching a movie or catching up on DVR’ed shows.
7:30 – Shower. Lotion. Moisturizer. Brush & tie up hair. Pajamas.
8:00 – Settle down for any new shows that are coming on that night. Play fetch with the dogs. Fold laundry. Read. Surf the Internet.
10:00 – Head back to bed & watch any of our 10pm shows that are on. Cuddle with the dogs. Cuddle with each other.
11:00 – Watch either Chelsea Lately or find repeats of any oldies but goodies – I prefer Roseanne.
11:30 – Lights out. SHUT UP BRAIN! GO TO SLEEP!
12:00 – Sleep.

See? Fascinating huh? It was a bit fun to write a routine down and I loved that I was able to do it from memory, which obviously means it is a routine.  Of course, there’s always deviation, depending on what’s going on.  Sometimes I’ll get a shower later if it’s a good TV night.  I also noticed, as evidenced by that last sentence, that we probably watch too much TV considering I can plan my schedule around it.  Also, if I could just stop watching TV in the morning I might be able to get up and get motivated.  But overall, it’s a fairly consistent and non-hectic schedule.

There’s not much at all I would change it.

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