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From the Borderlands: A Friday Five


This thing still on? Man, it’s looking a bit desolate around here these days.

There’s no big explanation for why I was gone so long. I was just off, doing stuff. Stuff that I spent time thinking about writing about but never actually sat down to write about. So there was me being gone. And now there’s me being back, just because I need a place to write things out. Because anyone who’s been in this blogging game long enough knows how cathartic just dumping your thoughts out is. Because we’re the one with ALL THE THOUGHTS. My husband? He has thoughts. He has great thoughts. But he does not have ALL THE THOUGHTS running through his brain at all hours and minutes of the day, especially those hours and minutes where you are trying to go to sleep THANK YOU BRAIN!

So I might be a rusty for a bit. Things might ebb and flow. I make no promises because, well, I know better.

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Thought Catalog
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Thought Catalog

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted an article on her Facebook that sounded interesting so I clicked on over and found this site:

Thought Catalog

It was this article and I remember loving was but I remember loving it.

Love someone like you’re thirty. Not like you’re running out of time, not like your options are drying up. Love him because despite failure and disappointment and fear, you can’t help yourself. Love him in spite of your past; believe in your potential when your better judgment tells you not to.

And I spent the next hour browsing through all of the articles on the site, bookmarking some great ones. Since then, I’ve subscrived to their feed and love reading most of their content. Granted some of the articles can be a bit superflous and I can tell their written by younger people in a different time of their lives. Some are even a bit angsty.

But some are great. I have a boatload of starred articles sitting in Google Reader and I figured that instead of inundating people on Facebook or clogging up my Stumbleupon timeline, I’d do a listing here of the ones I’ve loved so far.

If you have some time, go on over and check them out. It is a great site to add to your feed readers if you’re looking for something different than personal blogs, gossip sites or Damn You Auto Correct!

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The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Press Room
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Shutterfly Winners!

Yay! Time to announce the winners of the Shutterfly giveaway! Sorry for the delay but I usually don’t get on the Internet until after work.

Thanks to all SIX of you that entered – just means the odds were in your favor. I loved reading what your favorite part of the holidays are. Everything you all mentioned, I agree with so I guess we can pretty much say that this is one of my favorites seasons and there’s not much I don’t like about it. Well, except the eggnog. I’m definitely not an eggnog person.

With further ado, here are the winners (I used to generate the numbers and assigned numbers based on the order you commented).

*drum roll*

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Redesigned Google Reader
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I Miss the Old Google Reader

Last week, Google Reader made some changes that most of it’s users were none too happy about it. While they at least had the decency to warn us ahead of time, I’d have to say all it really seemed to accomplish is giving the users a chance to seethe about it and build the hatred as doomsday approached. I am one of those users and I am dead center in the middle of the ‘I HATE THE NEW GOOGLE READER’ camp!

It’s not just about the change. I can handle the change. I like change and accept it, when it’s done well and to benefit the user. I understand Google’s stance of wanting to integrate their services and this is fine – I would rather it be easier for them to maintain and support fewer sites because then it makes them seamless and integrated and easier to use for me. I understand not wanting to maintain yet another service and I even kind of understand pushing Google+, a site that doesn’t seem like it’s reached the level of acceptance that Google envisioned for it, which, let’s be honest guys, you really should’ve stuck with what you do best and leave the social media takeover to Zuckerberg and his cronies.

What I don’t understand if their approach to this. It was basically a big ol’ SCREW YOU to the Google Reader users and I feel kind of abandoned, like I’m left out on a raft in the middle of the Internet sea.

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Christmas Card Shutterfly Steve Kristy
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What’s A Christmasgram? I want one!

** Note: This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Visit here to see who won! **

I wrote yesterday about how I can’t believe it’s November and I also can’t believe that the holidays are just around the corner! I don’t mind it all, truthfully, because Steve and I have agreed that part of our goal is to do Thanksgiving and Christmas as low key and least stressful as possible. This usually means we spend both holidays drinking booze, watching holiday themed movies or TV and eating delicious food. But I do love the holiday season and I always get excited to buy presents and plan menus and attend parties (I’ll be attending the first holiday party for my new job this year and am SUPER EXCITED because my old work had stopped doing them). And I am vowing to do it all while making it as easy as possible on myself, so that I can enjoy the holidays without stressing myself out.

Enter Shutterfly. Y’all know them, right? They are an awesome personal publishing service that pretty much lets you do AMAZING things with all of those photos cluttering up your hard drive.

I have been using Shutterfly exclusively for years – I print my photos from there, small personal ones for frames, large ones for display. I’ve gotten anything from 4×6″ all the way up to 20×30″ and they’ve come out beautifully everytime (I especially love the ability to print with a matte finish – I am no glossy photo girl). I’ve made photobooks of our vacation. And last year, we got our Christmas cards from there, which turned out beautifully!

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