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– ing

As seen over at the lovely C’s place
eating – Coconut cookies from Trader Joe’s. Delish!
laying – On the couch, in the recliner.
wearing – A very soft and well worn t-shirt from the Firefly distillery
feeling – Exhausted because we shopped all day but accomplished because we finally replaced the dated light in our kitchen and it’s so purty!
hoping – That we can replace the second light tomorrow and get this place cleaned up. And also that I can get Friday off work.
watching – Steve raid the treasure room in Borderlands.
reading – Behind on all of my reading because as I said yesterday, all of my free time is consumed by the XBox. Soon though. Soon.
wanting – To get the house and our finances together so we can start working towards our endgame.
wishing – Winning the lottery (or just having a decent sum of money fall into our lap. That is always welcome!

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