Wayback Wednesday - Kristy at Six Flags

Way Back Wednesday: Finding the Real Me

This is probably one of the first pictures taken after I really came into my own skin and was on my way to being who I am now, style wise. College, especially freshman year, really taught me a lot and helped me be “stylish” while still fitting into my zone of comfort and low maintenance. I learned about fitted boot cut jeans and oxford shoes and cute sweaters and plain colored shirts. And that’s, for the most part, where I stand now. Tailored and classic with a bit of casual thrown in.

Steve took the picture. It was probably one of our first real dates and we were at Great Adventure in New Jersey. He still says these pictures of some of his favorites. I love my hair in this one and am trying to get it back to that length. I was still doing the red here and it actually works. Oh, check the headband out – haha! At least here, I used it subtly. It was a hot summer day so the headband and tank top were to accommodate that. And I’m pretty sure I had a simple pair of jeans (or jean shorts) on. Very easy but put together.

Check out the smile too! Best part of the picture because you can tell how happy I am!


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