Wayback Wednesday - the Perm

Way Back Wednesday: The Perm

1992 – eleven or close to twelve years old. I am the one on the far left, in case you can’t recognize me under that atrocious perm and behind those windshields that someone called glasses. My mom used to get perms all of the time and they looked nice on her – and let’s face, it was the style back then. I thought I wanted a perm because my stick straight hair did nothing and I like the idea of curls. So mom relented and let me have one. Now I live with these cringeworthy pictures. And the glasses – my vision has always been horribly bad so the lenses needed to be large so they wouldn’t be so thick. Thankfully it wouldn’t be to long after this shot that I got contacts.

Please note the black stretch pants – they started this early and continued well into my middle school years and apparently into my high school years, just in different variations. However, also note that my shoes and socks all match my bitchin’ Carolina Tarhells hoodie. While I wouldn’t rock that outfit now, it was kind of the shit back in the day.

Psst – the other people in this photo are, from right to left, my dad, my younger brother and my stepmother at the time (her and my dad have since divorced). Also a waterbed, because waterbeds were the rage back in the day. And love how my dad’s shirt matches the bedspread, which is satin, might I point out!

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