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Enjoying July

My life consists of lists, from simple to complicated. I have an entire notebook of them. I have list-making apps on my phone. I get no greater pleasure than sitting down and handwriting a list of goals and tasks.  Sometimes, things get done. Sometimes, I move them to another list.

Most times, I find if I just put them out there, I accomplish far more than if I just let them rattle around in my mind. And I figured since I did fairly well on my yearly resolution thing, maybe I could get a few more things in by having some monthly goals. Short, sweet and to the point, these are all about living and enjoying my life, instead of just getting things done.

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Autumn To-Do List

Even though the first day of Autumn was last Friday, it’s still been rather hot and muggy here in the Lowcountry. It actually rained all last weekend which was nice because I really could have used a gloomy rainy and chilly couple of days but while it was definitely the first two, it was no where the last since it was gross and sticky and just not like fall weather at all.

I keep hoping that if I wish hard enough, I’ll get the Autumn weather that I want. So, in order to work a bit of wish magic as well as prepare myself for our upcoming trip to Gatlinburg (where I will definitely get the fall weather for at least a week), I made a to-do list for the season, which is basically all of the things I want to do to really enjoy the weather and the feeling of this special time of year.

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