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Not Home

This is where I’ve been pretty much all week.  This is not my bed.  This bed is not even in the same city I live in.  Or the same state.  And truthfully, this bed is the best part of my week.  I kind of wish it was mine because it is sooooooooo fluffy and comfortable.  Am I the only one that kind of loves sleeping in hotel room beds?  (I block out all that could’ve gone on in them – I just find them super comfortable).

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I was going to make a joke about how we’re all still here (you know, with The Rapture That Didn’t Happen) but I guess we’re all kind of over it now and to be truthfully honest, I’m not in much of a joking mood.

I’ve had a rough couple of days and I am physically and emotionally exhausted right now.  Work has been busy (which I guess is in direct contrast to what I had been complaining about last time — I always figured it would ebb and flow and I’d have slow times and crazy times).  We’re in the middle of renovating our department’s physical space, which is being done in phases and of course, as the local IT nerd, I get the pleasure and joy of moving all of the computer equipment each time we enter a new phase.  Yesterday and today were the biggest ones yet as I was emptying a storage closet, moving and reconnecting all of the computers in our reception area and moving NINE large systems for our treatment planning department.  That’s a lot of lugging and dust slinging and crawling under tables — I joked to my boss that he owed me a manicure because I’m pretty sure I ripped every nail off it’s nail bed.

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The Bright Side

This was a very long week.  My case of the Mondays never seemed to go away despite my best efforts otherwise.  I tried to counteract it by giving myself little pep talks before I went to bed but every morning I woke up with a grey cloud already over my head and it took every effort for me to get out of bed and drag myself into work.

It’s mostly work itself.  Things have been slow the past few weeks and while I’ve been able to complete smaller easy tasks throughout the day, I’m really kind of lacking any projects to throw myself into.  Which leads to me feel very unchallenged.  And there are days where I will sit with no direction, nothing to do and I’ve literally got to find things to do.  I mean, I’m all caught up on my blogs in Google Reader and I’m even able to read them as they’re all posted through the day.  I don’t have email to return.  And everything else of fun and interest (Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr) are all blocked by work and even though I can access them from my phone, it is certainly more obvious to be sitting in my office on my phone all day than it is to be staring at my computer.

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Case of the Mondays

I woke up this morning with a bad case of the Mondays that just never seemed to go away.  And it was my own fault because I pretty much went to bed last night thinking I was going to be miserable this morning.  And I am nothing if not predictable – as in, if I think something is going to be a certain way it’s safe to say that regardless of the outcome, I will have convinced myself that yes, this is exactly the way I predicted it to be.

So this morning – huge sucky case of the Mondays.  Commence ass kicking.  Whatever.

It was partly the fact that I slept off and on in various parts of my house (bedroom, living room, guest room – pretty much every place I could lay on I’m like oh, I could use a nap) until close to 1pm yesterday.  I had taken Bendryl the night before, late the night before, and I had gotten up too earlier for it to wear off.  I was also fighting a really bad case of PMS, which basically means that the day OF I have absolutely NO ENERGY.  I feel as if my body is just drained of anything and it is NOT FUN!


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