Wayback Wednesday - Lion King

Way Back Wednesday: Headband

There’s nothing inherently wrong in this picture. I was young here, maybe about twelve, so the lack of eyebrow plucking and no makeup and the retainer is expected.

I actually like that shirt on me – that color has never failed me. And I was semi-tan (the joys of living near the beach) so the white shorts work. My jewelry are Dreamcatchers, a set (earrings and necklace). I was probably entering my stage where I was interested in all the otherworldy stuff – vampires, witches, Native American mythology, etc. Also, those two stuffed animals, if you can’t tell, are Nala and Simba and they are mine. I picked them out because at that point, I was heavily into Disney movies, thanks to having younger brothers and sisters and those two “kissed” – i.e. they had magnets in their noses and when they were close enough, they stuck together. I thought it was adorable!

ANYWAY – I want to point you towards the headband. My mother is probably rolling her eyes back into her head at this picture SOLELY because of that headband. There was a phase I went through where she could not get me out of these things and it was mostly due to the fact that I had no idea how to do my hair (and was too lazy to figure it out) so putting it up was easier than leaving it flat. But it’s hysterical because even to this day, if I come over with a headband on, either a pretty one or a thin one used to just keep my hair out of my face, she cringes, like I’m going to regress back into a stage where I wear one of these every day. Um, no, I just stick to putting my hair up in a messy bun or a ponytail. So much easier!

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