Isle of Palms, SC

Way Back Wednesday: Family Picture

I was stylin’ here! Check out my vest. That one I know for sure was my mom’s. And those jeans. This definitely had to have been before the flared jeans came back into style because I am totally rocking the nineties straight leg look. Also, this is the headband years and since I know this picture was taken in October of 1995 and the other picture was probably taken at least two years before, we can probably safely say my headband stage lasted that long.

This isn’t too bad. I know the date of this picture because this was our last picture we took before moving to Pennsylvania from South Carolina. It was also Tyler’s (the baby) first time at the beach and we have some adorable pictures from this day of him crawling in the sad and putting it in his mouth. Funny how I now have have the same type of pictures from about ten years later of my niece doing the exact same thing.

Also, check out Eric’s shirt – remember that trend? With Bugs and the crew dressed up with the baggy clothes and the backwards shirts. Ha, love it! AND this was 1995 and that was the year the Carolina Panthers were incorporated. Man, if we could find that shirt now, you’d think it be a collector’s item!? LOL

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