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And It’s November

It’s November, y’all! Y’ALL! I cannot believe I just typed that. It’s November 2011 and that means there’s less than three weeks until Thanksgiving and something like seven weeks until Christmas and then it will be 2012 and WHAT THE HELL WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST?!

October did blow by pretty quickly in this house, more than usual. Seriously, ever since we turned thirty, both Steve and I constantly remark how fast the days, months, and years go by – it’s like the weight of time is bearing down upon us and before we know it we’re OLD.

But October was a crazy month here – I was sick for a week, then spent the next week doing all the prep for vacation that I should have been doing when I was sick, then vacation, then Steve was sick for a week and my dad has been having some heart issues which we still don’t know how they’re going to resolve. Then Halloween, of which we had a party to prepare for and also went over to my parents on Halloween-proper to help with their haunted house.

And last night, I threw a Passion Party, which is exactly what it sounds like – a Tupperware party only instead of bowls and lids, it’s lotions and sex toys. And I had to serve food and do the prep work for that which was perfectly fine because we had a blast, I got to hang out with a great group of ladies (I seriously have some of the best friends in the world!) and I got drunk off of wine and may or may not have woken up this morning (*cough* afternoon *cough*) having to frantically search for my order form because I couldn’t remember what I ordered since I kind of tossed my wish list at the consultant and told her I wanted all of it because I’d had too much wine and couldn’t actually concentrate or see straight enough to pick out particular things. (Thankfully, there were no surprises – i.e. fake vaginas or strap ons – and with hostess discounts, I only spent $53.00 – also something I was panicking about, like did I slap down my credit card and buy $300 worth of overpriced lotions and vibrators?)


This is nothing new in my house as I’ve discovered that I really enjoy entertaining – Steve remarked that I LOVE to throw parties and I realized I do, I really do because I’d rather spend money on food and booze and appetizers and create memories with people than buying anything materialistic. And I also like parties because I end up drinking a lot and yet somehow, wake up in the morning to everything being put away and cleaned up despite me not being able to remember doing it (usually, it’s just that – I can’t remember doing it but sometimes, it’s because Steve or some of the close friend stragglers do it for me – either way, I WIN!)

I feel like I’m off topic but I guess that doesn’t really count if you never had a specific topic, right?

ANYWHO! It’s November and October went by quickly and I just need a break, which we’ve had today because we’ve done absolutely nothing. I slept until about 10am when Steve came in and told me he’d brought Chick-Fil-A breakfast home (LOVE THAT MAN! Almost every weekend he either brings me breakfast home or cooks it). Drug myself out of bed, ate and then laid down for another hour or so. I finally got up and took a shower because I wanted to at least feel productive and there’s nothing I like more on a lazy day than a leisurely shower and pampering – wherein I apply all of my body and face lotion and actually put stuff in my hair to make it pretty. And then pretty much, I messed around on the Internet all day and did some productive stuff and Steve played video games. I’m wearing my cozy slippers and jeans and a tshirt with cardigan over it and it’s all dark and crisp outside and everything just feels so laid back and cozy.

AND the time changes tonight, which means that extra hour of sleep is upon us and I’ll spend all day tomorrow feeling like it’s later than it is which is always better than feeling like it’s earlier. AND Charlie Day is hosting SNL last night and if you don’t know who Charlie is, then you are missing out because he is hysterical on Sunny and he was great in Horrible Bosses and I’m interested to see how he will did on SNL. Also, you should be watching Sunny because it is comic genius at it’s finest!

AND Beavis and Butthead are back which make the teenager in me squeal, mostly because while I liked them back then I LOVE them now because I believe the state of the mediasphere is prime for them now, with reality TV and all of the awful shows and movies out there.

This cracks my shit up every time!

It was hard to pick a clip to share, because all of them were so funny!

So weekend of doing nothing which is beautiful because the holiday season is upon us and our social calendar is already starting to fill up. We have an Oyster Roast to attend next weekend and holiday prep to start. We’ll be doing Thanksgiving at my parents and hosting Christmas here, which I’m excited about because I’ve never cooked Christmas dinner for anyone but Steve and I AND we bought a new 9ft tree after Christmas last year so this will be the first year where we’ll have a normal sized tree and not our tiny little six footer that has seen better days. I actually plan on starting Christmas shopping next pay day because it’s my extra pay check month. I just have a general feeling that the holidays this year are going to be awesome, not that they ever weren’t but this year, they will be awesomer!

That pretty much sums it up for today – there are things from the month of October that I want to blog about specifically like Halloween and our vacation so I’ll reserve them for separate posts. Hope y’all are having a good November weekend! Enjoy that extra hour of sleep!

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