Wayback Wednesday - The High School Clubbing Years

Way Back Wednesday: Summers in High School

Better known as the summers I spent at my dad’s where there weren’t as many (read: any) rules so I was going out to nightclubs with my older cousins and drinking and dressing like I was a grown woman. This was one of those nights where we were heading out to a nightclub – or, now that I look closer and see there’s a stamp on my hand, coming home? Who knows? We very well could have been going out and that stamp leftover from the night before because they were a bitch to get off. Regardless, I’m like sixteen here and that is my second cousin (my dad’s cousin) who is like 26 or so. This was also my blond stage and also, see how tan my right arm is? You can’t see it in the picture but my left arm is not that tan – and that, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when you ride around with your arm hanging out of the passenger side window all summer.

Also, that dress was really short. Apparently, I was a skank!

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