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Life’s Like This

The problem with hobbies is that there’s just not enough time to do them all and still manage to accomplish things that need to be done, like keeping on top of the housework and feeding my family and all of that gloriously awful crap that comes with being an adult.

I was going full steam ahead with this blog until about January which coincidentally ended up being when I decided to start working out and getting healthy. And it’s not like the working out cut into my blogging time, since I never had a set time. I guess it was more that the fitness became a bigger focus in my life than sitting down to write. Which is a shame because I love writing and I fucking hate (HATE!) working out.

I think it’s just that I am inherently lazy or, well, to be nicer about it – easily distracted? I start and go full steam ahead into things then get bored with them and move onto something else. I’ve done that with everything. It’s a big ball of “DO ALL THE THINGS!” and “Nope, I’m bored with that” rolling around in my head all of the time.

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Wayback Wednesday - Pool Hall

Way Back Wednesday: Rollin’ With the Homies

This is a picture of a badly taken Polaroid so bear with the quality please.

This is the same crew I talked about running with back in this photo. Sadly, the only people I can remember are the guys directly around me (I’m fourth from the right, if you couldn’t tell). The people on the outer part of the group I couldn’t tell you their names if I tried. This is us on a non-clubbing night at the local pool hall slash game room. Note: the local pool hall slash game room is a town of about 4,000 people in the middle of rural North Carolina.

I actually like this picture of me for the most part except that I feel like you can kind of see through my shirt. Actually, you totally can. And someone should’ve told me that in this case, I should’ve worn a tank top underneath it. Except maybe I was going for that look back then. I think we’ve already established the skankiness factor (note: in appearance only, not practice, thank you very much!)

I did have some great times with this crew! They brought life into what would’ve been a few quiet summers.

Wayback Wednesday - The High School Clubbing Years

Way Back Wednesday: Summers in High School

Better known as the summers I spent at my dad’s where there weren’t as many (read: any) rules so I was going out to nightclubs with my older cousins and drinking and dressing like I was a grown woman. This was one of those nights where we were heading out to a nightclub – or, now that I look closer and see there’s a stamp on my hand, coming home? Who knows? We very well could have been going out and that stamp leftover from the night before because they were a bitch to get off. Regardless, I’m like sixteen here and that is my second cousin (my dad’s cousin) who is like 26 or so. This was also my blond stage and also, see how tan my right arm is? You can’t see it in the picture but my left arm is not that tan – and that, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when you ride around with your arm hanging out of the passenger side window all summer.

Also, that dress was really short. Apparently, I was a skank!

Happy New Year!

2012 – Bring It!

Happy New Year Y’all!

Hope everyone was able to celebrate it in a fun and safe way. Some people may think it’s dumb to celebrate a kind of trivial holiday like New Year’s but I kind of like it. Aside from it giving us a chance to get together with people we love and enjoy, it’s kind of nice to to feel like there’s a fresh start to things. Plus, I really do love the well wishes and hugs and kisses at midnight!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s Thanksgiving morning and I’ve been up since the butt crack of dawn because my dogs don’t know the meaning of “day off” or “sleep in”. Nor do they understand that Mama was up until 2am playing Call of Duty so she needs her rest.

But that’s not complaining because it’s not a day to complain. It’s actually rather refreshing having an alarm clock that forces me out of bed to be productive. This morning, I’ve done what I’m sure the rest of the United States has – ate a small enough breakfast to stave off hunger but not big enough to ruin my appetite, made myself look human with some makeup and pretty jewelry, stood in my closet deciding if sweatpants (ELASTIC WAISTBAND PEOPLE!) would be appropriate to wear to dinner but ultimately decided jeans were going to suffice as my midway point, watched some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and prepared my dish to bring to dinner at my parents (which is really just sausage cheese balls and is really being prepared because I made them a few weeks ago and have been craving them ever since).

In an hour or so, after the balls are ready and we’ve made our prospective phone calls to family and friends, we’ll head over to my mom’s to eat delicious food, drink some booze and then fall asleep on the couch watching football.

Can’t get more American than that!

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