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Mariah Carey Merry Christmas

Hark How the Bells!

It’s no secret that there is a plethora of Christmas music available. Any artist worth their caliber always has to put out at least one Christmas album, if not multiples. And there are compilations, ranging across all genres. Radio stations turn the switches to around the clock holly jolly before you even get the table cleared from Thanksgiving (sometimes sooner!). Even Pandora has numerous stations that you can choose, ranging from classic Christmas tunes to Rockin’ Holidays and Country Christmas.

Needless to say, there is enough cheer available and even the grumpiest Scrooge should be able to find something to fit their tastes.

I love Christmas music but only at Christmas (i.e. the time AFTER Thanksgiving and before New Year’s – anytime before or after and we are no longer friends). I love all types, from the bubbly Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree to the smooth crooning of Bing Crosby. But it never fails, year after year, that I come back to the same few albums that just get played over and over.

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November Cozy
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And It’s November

It’s November, y’all! Y’ALL! I cannot believe I just typed that. It’s November 2011 and that means there’s less than three weeks until Thanksgiving and something like seven weeks until Christmas and then it will be 2012 and WHAT THE HELL WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST?!

October did blow by pretty quickly in this house, more than usual. Seriously, ever since we turned thirty, both Steve and I constantly remark how fast the days, months, and years go by – it’s like the weight of time is bearing down upon us and before we know it we’re OLD.

But October was a crazy month here – I was sick for a week, then spent the next week doing all the prep for vacation that I should have been doing when I was sick, then vacation, then Steve was sick for a week and my dad has been having some heart issues which we still don’t know how they’re going to resolve. Then Halloween, of which we had a party to prepare for and also went over to my parents on Halloween-proper to help with their haunted house.

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98 Rock Fest
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All Night Long

I thought my ears were never going to stop ringing.

The Sunday before last, Steve and I and two of our other couple friends headed out to the local fairgrounds, about five minutes from our house, to see the 98 Rock Fall Fest, which was supposed to be an all day long concert with some really great bands.  If you head over to that link and read the comments, you’ll see that there were a few snags that made it rather miserable in the beginning.

The gates opened about three hours late, which the station is blaming on the bands though I’m not so sure what I believe because I know someone who set the stage up and said it was more the code inspectors.  The lines were also ridiculous which is something to expect because there’s a ton of people gathered in one spot but all of the booths for food and drink, including beer and nonalcoholic drinks, were only accepting tickets.  So you had to stand in line for tickets – Steve was waiting for an hour and a half – and then you had to stand in line for a wristband if you were drinking and THEN you had to stand in line for drinks and food.

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Sons of Anarchy

State of the TV Address

Hello, my name is Kristy and I am addicted to TV!

Actually, addiction might be too strong of a word, especially these days.  It used to be bad – I’m talking watching every piece of trash they put on VH1 or MTV.  Then I discovered Bravo and TLC and it was over.  But in the past year or so, I made a pact with myself to stop watching the trash and allow myself time to enjoy the quality stuff while actually, you know, going out to live my life!  That does not preclude me, however, from feeling all the giddiness at the return of some of my favorites shows and waiting with anticipation at some of the new shows.

I’m not even kidding, I treat Fall TV like back to school season.  I do some research, decide which shows I want to try out then pull out my spreadsheet and start plotting out my DVR schedule.  Since I only have two tuners, I can only record two things at once and at times, this can be a problem, usually Thursday nights.  I could also probably watch one in the bedroom but then I’d have to sequester myself in the bedroom and take the chance that someone *ahem* in the house doesn’t realize two things are recording and god forbid, accidentally cancel one.

Hello, my name is Kristy and I am the TV Nazi!

But in all seriousness, it is that time of year to when there’s a bit of a crisp in the morning air, the fall scents start showing up in stores and the new seasons of shows start and I. AM. READY!

So I’m here to present you with my “State of the TV Address” which really is just me showing you what I’ll be watching this Fall.

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