Resolution Review

Resolution Review

Today marks the end of June and boy has it been a busy month and a busy season. And since we’re pretty much halfway through the year, it’s probably a good time to look over my resolutions and see how I’m doing. I feel like I haven’t been productive at all. I always tend to write things down but never actually accomplish them. I guess life just gets in the way.

So, let’s see how things are going!

Things to Accomplish in 2012

  • Buy ATV’s – this is our new hobby we’ve decided we want to pick up.
    Not yet. We had to get a new roof and want to pay down some of our finances. Still not sure if we’ll make this goal by the end of the year but we would like to.
  • Get a new entertainment center – so that the thing we spend the most time with (our TV area) is better organized and much less of an eyesore.
    DONE! Bit the bullet and bought one in February. Also upgraded our TV which is apparently what you do when you buy a new entertainment center?!
  • Lose 20 pounds – I have to do it eventually & it’s always easier to start small.
    DONE! Never thought I’d be checking this off my list but with a little determination, it actually happened!
  • No cigarettes for six months – this is the minimum but will ultimately aim for longer.
    In progress! Our household (yes, both of us!) has been completely smoke free since the end of April.
  • Read 50 books
    In progress! I haven’t actually been keeping count but I know I’m behind. Still have time.
  • Implement better nightly personal care routine for at least 30 days
    In progress! This goes hand in hand with my workout routine, so as long as I stick with working out, I have my nightly routine in place too.
  • Paint the master bedroom – it doesn’t even have to be fully decorated, I just need to get it painted.
    DONE! DONE, DONE, DONE! Finally, after five years I can mark this one of my list.
  • Attend 4 painting classes
    In progress! Have attended two already. Just need to go to two more.
  • Order new glasses and contacts.
    DONE! Ordered both in January.
  • Pay off two credit cards
    DONE! Actually been doing over and over. Have two cards left to pay off. WOOT!
  • Girls weekend/sleepover
    DONE! Birthday/bachelorette weekend. And multiple girls nights since then.
  • Quit drinking soda
    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, I’m so delusional to keep putting this on a list. I have cut back drastically but I don’t think I’ll ever give this one up.
  • Sew something – even if it’s just a bag or hemming curtains. Gotta start somewhere.
    Um, have the sewing machine and the materials. Still gotta learn to do it. I’ll get to it.
  • Make homemade pizza dough – I bought that bread machine so I could do exactly this.
    I need to get on this one. It’s such an easy and quick thing.
  • Install screen door on front of house
    Close, but no cigar. We’re not too sure if we’re going to do this. We go back and forth on whether we need it or whether it will provide us anything beneficial.
  • Weekend getaway with Steve
    Not yet, but plans are being tossed around.
  • Buy extra hard drive and backup all of my photos there to keep at work as an extra layer of protection
    Not yet. The things that require organized projects are the hardest for me to accomplish.
  • Take a photo of the same location once a month for the whole year.
    Yea, completely forgot about this one so I guess it’s out of the running.

2012 Resolutions

  • Stop trying to apply logic where it doesn’t exist – this particularly applies to work.
    Well, thankfully, the person requiring things of me that needed me to do this is gone so hopefully, I don’t have to keep doing this.
  • Say yes if there’s not a good reason to say no – mostly with regards to our social life.
    Still trying. We have a great group of friends and they are a blast to spend time with. It’s a tough balance keeping things together and having fun.
  • Remember, remember – some will stay in your heart but not in your life and that is ok. The only people who matter are the ones who act like you matter to them.
    HEAR, HEAR! We have had to learn this so very much this year and once we finally embraced it, it was fairly easy to move on.
  • Keep calm and carry on.
    I am not always good at calm but I’m excellent at carrying on.
  • Always wear mascara and a little bit of brown eyeliner.
    At minimum this is what I have worn every day this year and it has paid off well. It makes me feel semi put together.
  • Find one type of exercise that I enjoy.
    I’ve actually found quite a few and keep adding more. Never thought I’d say that!
  • Make better food decisions and broaden my palate.
    I still make bad food decisions but they’re balanced with much better decisions as well and it’s kind of awesome. I’m finding amazing things that I never thought I liked!
  • Really love the people I’m with. Where you invest your love, you invest your life!
    Oh man, this year has really shown me how many people I love and how awesomely invested my life is. I could not be more thankful or lucky to have some amazing people surrounding me.

So there it is and to be frankly honest,  I’m kind of proud of everything that has been done. A lot of them are things that I put on at the beginning of the year thinking they were just pipe dreams and I was actually able to get them done. And others that I thought would be easy are actually still sitting out there.

I guess here’s to the downward slope of 2012, getting things done and living this life to the fullest!

How are you doing on your resolutions? Can you believe 2012 is halfway over? I feel like just yesterday it was Winter and now we’re battling heat waves and attending BBQ’s and hitting the beach. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

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