Wayback Wednesday - Eyebrows

Way Back Wednesday: Eyebrows

I look back at pictures like these and don’t know how I ever looked in the mirror and didn’t get scared of those eyebrows. Because man, they are kind of like caterpillars sitting on top of my face.

Don’t worry, it was only a few months after this picture was taken that I was allowed to start plucking them and wearing makeup. Though I do appreciate my fresh faced look here. I am probably thirteen going on fourteen in this picture, judging by how tiny my little brother was (he was born in January, I turned 14 in April). I was finishing up eighth grade and my mom’s rule was I couldn’t wear makeup until I learned to wash my face, which ended up being the beginning of freshman year. I was still young enough to rock that Mickey sweatshirt though.

Oh, and there’s my real haircolor! There’s probably only a few pictures after this that show it since I started dying it late in sophomore year. It’s not so bad looking back, especially since I can’t pay my stylist enough money to make it that brunette like without all the red that pops up.

Regardless, I love this picture because it has my little brother, Tyler, when he was a squishy cute little baby and it has our puppy, Baby, who was the sweetest thing ever and really the only pet I can remember as a child aside from our cat Scamper, who coexisted in the same house with Baby and the rest of us. Miss these days!

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