Wayback Wednesday - the Clubs

Way Back Wednesday: The Clubbing Years

Check me out! I think I was seventeen or eighteen in this picture because I’m pretty sure this was taken on New Year’s Eve. Maybe. I know I’m at my cousin’s apartment and I know we are ready to head out to the clubs (in NC, it was 18 to party, 21 to drink — unless someone knew the owner of the club and that someone also was hanging out with people old enough to drink). I’m not too unhappy about this outfit with the exception of that pleather coat, which for some reason back then I thought looked a whole lot better on me than I do now looking at this picture. I also hadn’t apparently realized that I needed longer pants if I’m wearing heels because looking at it right now, those pants are a bit too short for me.

But I remember how much I loved that top (it was just cut straight across with thin spaghetti straps and silver butterfly accents). And I apparently had a wild hair up my butt because I’m wearing lipstick here – RED lipstick. (I never wear anything on my lips for longer than an hour because I hate the way it feels).  I miss that hair color though and was actually thinking about going back to something like that but I might need a bit of color this time since I am way pale in this picture.

Regardless, I had some great times at this age and I think it’s really when I started coming into my own in regards to style. I don’t dress like that now but it took a lot of misses to figure out what I’m comfortable in and what looks good on me. Oh if only I had that body back though! 🙂

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