This Is Never Acceptable!

You know what really grinds my gears?

THIS …..

See that burgundy car? The one sitting horizontally across two lanes? The one who couldn’t wait an extra second for the light to turn green and the left turn lane to empty and therefore, decided to pull into traffic and place themselves strategically enough where they are blocking the straight/right hand turn lane.

Do you know what this means?  It means those of us who are turning right have to wait and wait for the light to change and the lane to empty before we can even proceed forward.  This not only impedes our ability to make a right hand turn on red if the road is clear but also chances that those of us who are stuck behind the inconsiderate asshole will miss the light.

And you might think – well, why I can’t be the one to wait? Why do I have to turn right then? Why can’t I take an extra minute or two if I miss the light.

Well, once in awhile, ok, that’s fine.  But this happens almost every single day and this is the exit from my work – those turning left are heading toward the interstate.  Part of the privilege of me moving jobs was I didn’t have to deal with bullshit like traffic because by going right, I am so close to home I can spit and can’t make it there in under five minutes without ever hitting traffic.

Until this shit happens and it makes me blood boil everytime.  Because I am still following the rules – I can make a right hand turn on red at the intersection if it’s clear.  I am attempting to go when the light turns green.

There is no where in the rule book, or the common courtesy handbook, that states that this is ok!

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