Finding Joy!


I’ve been forced back into my Benadryl habit since I decided to forgo it Monday night and woke up the next morning feeling like someone was sitting on face and keeping me from breathing while simultaneously scratching my eyes out.

This means tonight you get an annotated entry which is basically just me telling you about Wednesday’s joy.

— The lady I was following on the moped on my way into work. In her floaty skirt, bright yellow heels and Ladybug helmet.

— A coworker bringing her three week old little girl in all swathed in pink with that dewy newborn hair and squishy little baby face.

— Realizing that I am in good with the one department that no one else is and getting them to do the stuff for me they normally make everyone else wait on.

— Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish overcoat in Ink Splatter

— Mad Men. (OMG y’all, I am so late to the party on this one.)

— The Talk. We’ve had this on in the breakroom at lunch and I really enjoy the dynamic of Sharon Osbourne, Sarah Gilbert, Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete. And Julie Chen.

And just to throw in things that are not awesome or joyful but I have remained relatively calm about because shit happens and that’s life.

— Baxter has tapeworms, which is literally the grossest ‘effing thing I have ever seen in my life. We started finding what looked like dried rice pellets in place where he slept (i.e. OUR BED, which is vomit inducing itself) and the moment Steve Googled it he realized they were dried tapeworm eggs that secrete from the butt and just kind of hang out back there. And needless to say, when we checked his poop – there were definitely visible. This is not life-threatening and it’s not uncommon for dogs to get them (it’s usually caused by them eating something they shouldn’t – like a flea or a lizard or rodent – and, well Baxter hunts and eats everything). It had not affected his behavior. It just means he had to take a pill and we have to wash EVERYTHING that we have found his ass nuggets on (and fabulous term coined by Steve – let’s see the fun the search engines have with that one!). It also means he has to sleep away from us and we would really prefer he keep his worm butt as far away as possible.

Until then, I’ll be in the corner vomiting. From all the wine I drank to forget about the worms. Then I’ll pass out because of the Benadryl.

Oh LIFE, you are awesome!

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